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Fire swing

These torches are in a distanced relationship with poi, many tricks are possible with them, but with the possibility of stopping, changing their direction, and controlling of the speed.

The base itself is made of fiberglass, thus its practically unbreakable, on it there is well-cohesive silicone handle for the comfortable and secure handling.

Because of the light and slim aluminium rod they are easy to spin, like poi. At their ends there is rubber knob like on the clubs, perfectly fits in the hands. Because of this, they are similiar to swing clubs.

They are available in two sizes of kevlar: 5 and 7 centimetres wide.

Their lenght are depend on your order.

Types and prices:
5 cm wide wick30 EUR
add to basket
7 cm wide wick36 EUR
add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka