Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy?

   First of all registrate. If you have done that then sign in.
You can put the items in the basket, you can choose how many items you want, etc.
If you have any comments you can write them, too.
When you are ready just send the order. Soon you are going to get an email about your order
After that I'm going to contact you and discuss the details, like when and how the package will get to you.

Why is every contact info of mine important? Are they going to be handled safely?

   For me the address is essential, so that I can send the package to you and I can contact you. That's why it's important to give me your details.
The personal information won't be given to a third-party only for the shipping company but that's unavoidable. Your password is stored encryptedly so no-one can see it.

I didn't find the instrument I needed or not exactly how I wanted. For example I want a Fire Poi with 2.52 fire wick or such. Can you help?

   Yes, of course. The general instruments have different kinds of variations. I only put the most frequent items.
   Most of the attributes can be unique : for example by pois the sizes and the number of wick, the lenght of the chain, etc.
   If you have special request send me an email, tell me what you think. And it can probably be easily carried out.

How can I pay?

   You can pay by Paypal or bank transfer. I prefer Paypal because it's quicker and safe.

How much does the shipping cost?

   It depends on your location and the weight of the package. It costs from X.

How much time till I get my package?

   It depends on the stock. If there is I can send you immediately after the payment. It takes 2-4 days. You can follow the package by Tracking. If there is not on stock, I can make it in 2-4 days. I can tell it correctly when I contact you.

Are there any warranty on the items?

   Yes, if there is any problem with a product, please contact me immediately. It can be dangerous to play with damaged fire-toys! - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka