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Small Monkeyfist Poi

The smallest type of the long-standing poi construction: the monkeyfist. 

Its weight is ideal for playing. However, this size is a bit light compared to the other ones, but it is a good choice if you are used to smaller pois.

Because of the rounded shape, it has very nice flames, which draw smooth fire trail in the air. It has bigger fire than the normal pois, and burns for a longer time as well.

The wicks are made from an old sailors knot, called the monkeyfist. It is know as diamond knot as well. Its centre, instead of the generally used wooden ball, is made from kevlar that lengthens the burning time, too.

Closely to the wicks, there are two split rings, which can not foul anywhere thankfully to their small size. These can hold 60kgs each, so the pois are very safe. I use 50cm long welded chains with a swivel at their ends to avoid the chain from curling up.

I use single loop handles that are fixed to the chain by a swivel. This kind of handle is very easy to use, moreover it is safe and comfortable. The handle should be worn on the little finger, so you can lead the poi precisely with your thumb and index finger.

Optionally, you can order the pois with monkeyfist handles, if you like the throwing tricks.

Available accessories:
Monkeyfist handles instead of the simple handle (+7 EUR)
Price: 50 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka