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   Well, here on urbanjuggling.com you can find various fire-stuffs.
Not everything, but...well please take a look around :)

If you are curious about me and my little webshop, please check the "about me" section.
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Sad changes are coming...

2022-10-11 19:13:14

Dear visitor,

in the past few was really troubling and I had to made some changes in my life and sadly that affects urbanjuggling as well. The pandemic reshaped the fire juggling scene and the raising material costs make it even harder. I had to make a decision, kind of changing my career (but it is truly inspiring and I love it!) so from now on I have prioritise my life. I will continue making props but please write me an email before you order so I can let you know how much time would it take!


Issues with registrations

2020-07-31 10:45:18

Unfortunately there is an issue during the registration process and the engine sometimes simply won't accept email addresses (even if they are totally valid).

Please send me a email to info@urbanjuggling.com if you have any question or would like to order something!

Sorry for the inconvenience!




2012-07-03 11:35:06

Welcome on the urbanjuggling website!

The english version of the site is still in beta.

Have fun!

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