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Hand-torch - firehands

It is a small and simple torch which can be attached to the palm, even to the wrist or the arm. Or anywhere in the body.

It can be a quite spectacular accessory for juggling, dancing or even martial arts performances. The fire wick is attached with a slim but strong steel rod to the palm piece. Because it is so thin it's looks like the fire is floating in the air. This way you can create some really interesting effects.

A palm is protected from fire by a silicone layer and a thick fabric on its bottom. It can be fastened by an elastic fabric and velcro tape so it is really stable on the hand. This way you don't have to be afraid of its falling.

If you have a bigger hand please write that to me because then I should make a longer tape.

If you have a unique request then feel free to tell me.

The price includes on piece of Hand-torch.

Price: 14 EUR add to basket

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