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Fire eating torch

Simple little torch, useful for fire eating. It is a really simple instrument, but it can be really spectacular part of show when the perfomer swallow the flames. Usually used in pairs for transfer and keep the fire, and do tricks.

The smaller 25 mm wide wick has smaller fire, so it can't burn you easily. The stick is made of 40 cm long, thin, and sealed aluminium tube.

The handle is made of heat and fire resistant silicone so it won't react chemicaly with paraffin.

Because of the sealing the paraffin can't leak into the tube. The handle and the sealing prevent the overheating of the instrument.

Please be aware! Fire eating is dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Use at your own risk.

Price: 11 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka