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After a long research and consult with various staff jugglers, for example Sebastian Berger, I created that staff model.
I asked them for their feedbacks based of their experiences, and picked features that are important and useful for a good juggling staff.

Thanks for the strong and thin 7075 aluminium tubing the staff itself is really lightweight. Its weight is barely more than 300 grams.

Under the sticky grip I placed soft neoprene material to ease the hits during the juggling. The shiny mirrorlike finish between the grip helps the visibility during dark playing conditions, like playing on the stage.

The knobs around the handle helps to find the end of it to have consistent throws.

The heat-proof silicon tubing under the wick prevents burning of the otherwise heated metal parts.

The wick made of 70 cm long 50 mm wide material to have big flames but also longer burning time.

The staves are 90 cm long by default, but let me know if you want a different size.

Types and prices:
1 piece45 EUR
add to basket
set of three123 EUR
add to basket

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