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Longstaff with griptape

It is made on the scheme of general longstaff, it's only on a shorter and narrower base. It makes the one-hand play easier and more comfortable. Ideal for double-staff play, especially for double-staff manipulation, because it's easily controllable and stoppable.

For its hand-grip I use a special grip the same as for the contact staff. It's cohesive and good for a long time. The ends of the aluminium staff are sealed with wooden plug, this way the staff can't warm up and it prevents the liquid to leak inside.

The heat-resistant silicon rings stop the little flames that could reach our hands during slower play.

I usually use a 5 or 7 cm wide wick depending on the lenght.

If you know the size you want then write in the comment. If not then feel free to write an e-mail, I will help to decide.

Types and prices:
with 50mm wick30 EUR
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with 70mm wick35 EUR
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