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Fire Handsticks

Fire version of normal handsticks. It can open new ways in fire-juggling. Of course, it is ideal for more experienced jugglers.

The 40cm long handsticks are made of 8mm pure and solid fiberglass that is practically unbreakable. They are covered with well-cohesive silicone, and the ends of the handsticks are sealed, so the silicone can not slip off, and the dirt can not go under the tubing. A metal tube is fixed between the fiberglass and the the 25mm wick with heat-resistant glue. It prevents the fiberglass from damage.

It can be monochrome or decorated, too. Almost any colour is possible for the decoration, including glittery and 5 types of UV-colours. Please, indicate your choosen colour in the comment field at the end of the order process.

The handsticks are in a pair, each one is 40cm long.

Price: 15 EUR add to basket

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