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Fire Poi with 80 mm wick

A middle-sized poi, ideal for beginners, too, who like the bigger flames.

Fiberglass staff

Slim and flexible staff. Ideal for one-hand or finger spin.

Longstaffs in pair

Long staffs in pair.

Pair of Fiberglass staff

A pair of fiberglass long staff. Both are exactly the same size and weight.

bigger wick

Price: 45 EUR

Replacement part for Contacthoop

Price: 6 EUR

Additional piece for bigger hoop, or for replacement.

Normal size

Price: 8 EUR

with normal firewicks

Price: 55 EUR

with bigger firewicks

Price: 70 EUR

Normal size

Price: 32 EUR

Bigger size

Price: 40 EUR

Fire Flowerstick with 50 mm wicks

Price: 40 EUR

Firestick with big, 50mm wicks.

with 80mm wick

Price: 65 EUR

Foldable Firefan - XL

Price: 60 EUR

The largest firefan in my stock. It has huge flames, only for experienced players

Double-wicked monkeyfist poi

Price: 80 EUR

A combination of the double-wicked and the monkeyfist pois.

Kevlarwick - 80 mm

Price: 13 EUR


Accessories for hula hoops.

Fire Vuvuzela

The fire version of the beloved by all vuvuzela.

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