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Dismountable Hulahoop

Have you ever wanted to carry your favourite hula hoop with you but it was too heavy and uncomfortable to do so?

This hula hoop can be tucked away easily by screwing off the srews. Taken apart it is only 50 cm long and you are easily able to put them into a regular sized backpack.

It can be set together in a few minutes with a turn-screw this way you’ll get a full-sized hoop. It won’t warp like some hoops folded in half. 

You can buy additional wicks with the help of which you can turn it into a fire hula hoop in seconds. The wicks can be screwed in instead of the screws.

The diameter of the six-piece hoop is 90 cm while the five-piece version is about 75 centimetres. 

Other than these at your request I make any other number of sections or sizes. If you have such request please send me a message or write them down in the comments.

Price: 30 EUR add to basket

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