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Short Firewing (thick)

A shorter, 40cm long version of the thicker, weighted firewings. It is very spectacular and has a long burning time like the thicker firewings, and it also opens up a lot of new possibilities thankfully to its length. This short version is ideal for tricks between the arms.

It is rolled from a 13mm rope - a very massive one. This technique results in a bigger surface according to the normal firewing. Naturally, it means bigger flames, longer burning time and duration. There is a 6cm wide wick at its end.

The lenght of the chain up to the handle is 12cm, but, of course, you can order it with a longer chain, if you like.

I use single loop handles that are fixed to the chain by a swivel. This kind of handle is very easy to use, moreover it is safe and comfortable. The handle should be worn on the little finger, so you can lead the poi precisely with your thumb and index finger.

Optionally, you can order the firewings with monkeyfist handles, if you like the throwing tricks.

Available accessories:
Monkeyfist handles instead of the simple handle (+7 EUR)
Price: 48 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka