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Fire Flowerstick

Fire version of the popular flowerstick. I make this type with smaller, 25mm wicks, so the stick can be shorter. Naturally, the flames will be smaller, too. It is ideal for beginners.

Like the flowersticks, these sticks are also made of pure and solid fiberglass covered with well-cohesive silicone. Double-layered aluminium tubes are fixed to the ends of the fiberglass rod with special heat-resistant glue, so the heat can not warm the fiberglass, and melt it. For safety reasons, the aluminium tubes are fixed to the fiber glass with small metal rods to prevent accidents, if the glue accidentally releases.

The flowers are made of heat- and fire-resistant silicone. It makes the flowerstick more stable and comfortable to play. Be aware of burning the flowers for longer time, because they can be damaged!

These firesticks are monochrome to make them more visible in the dark, than a decorated one. White colour is recommended. In my experiences, this is the most visible colour.

The firestick is without handsticks. Optionally, you can order simple and fire handsticks, too.

The firestick is 62 cm long.

Available accessories:
With normal handsticks (+5 EUR)
With fire handsticks (+12 EUR)
Price: 40 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka