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Fire Levi-stick

Fire form of the well-known Levi-stick.

This is a well balanced aluminium rod with a thin kevlar string attached to the palm. This way it can be manipulated like the rod would float vertically in the air, while it is moving continouosly like it does not care about the laws of physics. The performer can hide the real control with fine movements.

The original Levi-stick is a light bamboo stick which was controlled by an almost invisible silk string. This bamboo stick is replaced with aluminium rod, at their ends there are fire wicks. The kevlar string is the most durable fabric against fire. The string is attached with a ball-bearing swivel to prevent curling.

Though the kevlar string is quite durable, the permanent fire can damage it, so it is advised to replace it from time to time. This is why I attach a 2 metres long extra string to each Levi-stick which is enough for 4 replacements.

Price: 30 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka