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Weighted Firewing (thick)

The thicker version of the weighted firewings. It has bigger, more spectacular flames and longer burning time. I recommend it to more skilled jugglers, because the first minutes can be a bit frightening, although, the spectacle and the feedback from the audience compensates for everything.

It is rolled from 13mm rope - a very massive one. This technique results in a bigger surface according to the normal firewing. Naturally, it means bigger flames, longer burning time and duration. There is a 7 cm wide wick at its end.

Firewings can be ordered in three different rope lenghts: 40, 50, 62 and 75cm.

The length of the chain up to the handle is 12cm, but, of course, you can order it with a longer chain, if you like.

It comes with knob handles!

Types and prices:
40 cm long45 EUR
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50 cm long50 EUR
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62 cm long55 EUR
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75 cm long60 EUR
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