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Decorated flowerstick

One of the most popular juggling-toys in Hungary. I think it's not necessary to introduce it, although some people know it as devilstick.

This type is completely the same as the monochrome one, besides the decoration. Almost any colour is possible for the decoration, including 5 types of UV colours. Two or three colours are recommended. Please, indicate the choosen colour(s) in the comment field at the end of the order process.

The flowerstick and the handsticks are made of solid and pure (no added carbon-fibers) fiberglass covered by well-cohesive silicone tube for the good grip. Thanks for the fiberglass construction, the stick is almost unbreakable, but flexible.

The flowers are attached firmly with a special glue. The ends of the handsticks are sealed, so the silicone can not slip off, and the dirt can not go under the tube.

The flowerstick is 50cm and the handsticks are 40-40cm long.

Price: 25 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka