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Fiberglass staff

It's a top-class one-handed instrument because of its lenght and slimness. Easy to spin, even with two fingers. Excellent choice for double staff playing.

The base is a 10 mm strong and flexible fiberglass. It's unbendable and almost unbreakable. I put a well-cohesive silicone handle for the comfortable and secure handling.

Aluminium tubes are fixed to the ends of the fiberglass rod with special heat-resistant glue, so the heat can not warm the fiberglass, and melt it. For safety reasons, the aluminium tubes are fixed to the fiber glass with small metal rods to prevent accidents, if the glue accidentally releases.

I usually use a 5 or 6 cm wide wick depending on the lenght.

If you know the size you want then write in the comment. If not then feel free to write an e-mail, I will help to decide.

Types and prices:
with 50mm wick30 EUR
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with 60mm wick35 EUR
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with 80mm wick40 EUR
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