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Foldable Firefan - M

The smallest firefan in my stock. It's quite easy to handle. Best choice for beginners for experiencing the play with firefans. It can be really nice spot in a fire performance, combining the dance and the fire.

The flames are in a safe distance from the hands, but have to avoid to keep the fans downward for longer time, because the flames could reach the hands.

The segments of the fan are opening easily by a light swing or throw, but tight enough to remain opened, so its easy and painless to use.

The segments are 40 cm long, but its possible to make it longer. The axle is a hard and durable stainless-steel bolt, what won't let the segments loose. The segments are fixed together with two strong leather stripes, and keep the distance between the segments.

Handles are covered by silicone for the comfortable playing.

If you would like it with longer segments, please write it in the comment field in the cart.

Price: 45 EUR add to basket - professzionális tűzzsonglőr eszközök széles választéka