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Pyrofluid 5l - Fluid for firebreath

The basic choice for fire breath. Extremly purified material for performances. It has almost no smell and taste, burns with minimal fume.

Please keep in mind:

Fire breathing, even with these purified liquids is very harmful, and isn't used with care can cause serious, even fatal injury!

 Penetrating into mucus it damages the teeth, gingiva and can cause cancer in long term. If it  reaches the lung, it can cause severe inflammation or even permanent damages.

Fire is dangerous to the performer, the audience, and objects surrounding! It needs a lot and proper practice before the performance!

Always keep a safe distance from the audience and flammable objects!

Always keep a fire extinguisher at hand!

Can use only for your own responsibility. The won't take any responsibility in case of any injury or damage because of improper use.

Fire safety

Before ordering please contact me how much I have in stock.

Price: 45 EUR add to basket

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