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Wire core wickrope

Flexible wire core wickrope thanks to a strong but flexible steel wire in the core.

Perfect choice for fire installations and signs and it is also re-usable and can be re-modelled.

Instead of pure industrial kevlar, these wicks are designed for fire toys. It is manufactured out of 100% Aramid fibres, reinforced with very fine brass wire. It combines very good abrasive resistance with a high absorbent quality.

Contains no filling materials such as glass fibre or asbestos.

Its thickness is about 3 mm, so it's almost 1.5 times thicker than the average wick tapes.

Thanks to its manufacturing method the wick won't ravel in case of minor damage.

Please keep in mind: Fire is dangerous to the performer, the audience, and objects surrounding! It needs a lot and proper practice before the performance!

Always keep a safe distance from the audience and flammable objects!

Always keep a fire extinguisher at hand!

Can use only for your own responsibility. The urbanjuggling.com won't take any responsibility in case of any injury or damage because of improper use.

Fire safety

The price is for 1 m wick tape.

Price: 12 EUR add to basket

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