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Lycopodium - 200g

Very popular fire effect on stage and in movies. The very fine powder, dissolving in the air, burns quickly with deep yellow flames.

The lycopodium is a 100% natural material, the powder of stag's-hor n clubmoss (Lycopodium clavatum), rich in volatile oils. Almost impossible to burn on the ground, but to dissolve in the air it flames up quickly reacted with oxigene. Thus, it can be used quite safely on performances.
It doesn't have any known poisonous effect, but the very fine powder can cause allergic reactions, so avoid breathing in or swallowing it.

Please keep in mind:

Fire is dangerous to the performer, the audience, and objects surrounding! It needs a lot and proper practice before the performance!

Always keep a safe distance from the audience and flammable objects!

Always keep a fire extinguisher at hand!

Can use only for your own responsibility. The won't take any responsibility in case of any injury or damage because of improper use.

Fire safety

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